I stopped drinking coffee for all of five minutes, thinking “nah, I don’t need it.” Then I woke up this morning and decided “meh, I want it.” So, I made the mistake of making it at my normal strength and now I feel like a crackhead on speed with a hint of sugared IV and seriously need to jump on the bandwagon of writing some stuff. I feel like my fingers won’t stop moving. It’s kind of like when your car is at a stop light, but your car is a Camero that you’ve tricked out with a Hemi and somehow managed to maintain the integrity of the Camero itself and the light is too long and your foot is getting all itchy on the gas pedal and you really just want to slam your foot into the floor and take off leaving the annoying little mini cooper behind you in the dust right next to that crappy little fiat. Yep, feels like that. Because, at the end of the day you just don’t care that there was a cop sitting on the corner of that stop light watching you go and ready to call it in because he knew what was under that hood. Oh, he knew…

That is exactly where I’m heading right now. So, to all of my fellow grammar police staring at that sentence with a million errors including, but not limited to: run-ons, too many conjunctions, no breaks, no commas, no idea where the point of that damn thing is, not coherent, and obvious babbling gook from the depths of a deranged person’s mind; I say to you…. Dude… coffee is like jet fuel in my Hemi-Camero and I can’t stop so just sit there and get ready to give me a ticket… this is how things are created, destroyed, created again, made from scratch, torn apart and recreated as the perfect Frankenstein’s monster… So it’s Michael Fassbender!

…… That whole rant? Yeah… that’s me saying I’m working on stuff for you guys… not because I love you, simply because I’m heavily caffeinated… It’s coming.

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