Thesis…. The… Sis? The– whatever

I’ve been gone for a while. Yes, I know it’s been about a month and a half and I am sorry. I swear, I’ll try to work on that not happening ever again. But! I haven’t just been picking my naval and playing awful amounts of PS3 and PS4 – as much as I wish I was. Nope, I’ve been losing sleep and wracking the hell out of my script. Yes, that’s right. I’m one of those weirdo hipster people that writes scripts…. I’m totally lying and recant my last statement. HOWEVER, I have been writing a script for my Thesis. And it has been sucking the ever loving life out of my soul, smashed it into chicken fodder and taken a large dump all over my hopes and dreams of finishing this final piece of Academic altruism with grace and dignity – because we all know I’m not doing this for my health…

I feel like I’ve taken the last creative bone in my body and offered it to the editing gods. The gods that have taken what’s left of my being and chewed it into freakin’ Bubble Yum (I don’t own that, I’m just using it – as a child of the 90s it is my responsibility). I think I’m going to go scream into a fishbowl for the next twenty minutes then pass out for lack of oxygen because I will inevitably get stuck…

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