Working Hard, I swear

I’ve been going nuts and working hard. Honestly, I haven’t even finished editing the last manuscript of the second book. But all of these ideas! There are so many! They just keep popping up out of nowhere. I have most of them written in books somewhere in the mess I call a room, but – le sigh – sometimes it’s a little too much for my little hands to handle. So I make candles… They’re relaxing and you can light one up out on the back porch and sit outside and pretend you’re just relaxing with your friends on a long beachfront in front of a giant bonfire… Who cares if it’s nothing like that, you have to be able to imagine it …YOU GOT TO BELIEVE! … Crazy or not, I don’t care what you say, it’s a mini bonfire of happiness that rips me away from the work that is my FUN-tastical (Yeah, autocorrect loves THAT word XD) … life.

On to brass tax, I suppose. We are going to look heavily into consolidating things, now. Yep, that we are. In fact, I’m going to move content from one of my other blogs over to this site so that we can all just sit here and ponder the million dollar questions – several. There are several of those… anyway, I hope you enjoy the Entertainment aspect of this site and enjoy the entertainment pieces that will be wonderfully archived (For past pieces) and tagged and yadda yadda. Meanwhile, I will edit the second manuscript, start the third book, and give you all something to look forward to in terms of my random opinions about things like Marvel movies and Deadpool… Don’t. Judge. Me…

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