Month: March 2015

So Close…

I haven’t said anything in over a month. At least here. I haven’t said anything here for over a month. I’ve been trying to keep the books rolling, but there’s this whole class thing that gets in the way. However, two weeks. That is all. Two weeks and I’ll be back to writing way too much way too fast and proofing it way too little — at first. I’ll go through, re-read, fix what I need to fix, and present it to the public for a dose of generalized egging, which can then be whipped into a creamy custard and baked to quiche perfection.

Also, I think I’ll start uploading a few script prototypes for all of those who want to read what they could potentially be watching in the future (if the stars align right and Galileo’s ghost sees fit to bless my britches). For now, feel free to buy a candle.

Or, watch this video. We’re all afflicted somehow 😉