Month: April 2015

Fangirl Moment: DEADPOOL!!

I don’t do this often. I don’t have Tumblr freak outs and fangirl all over the place about something that happened somewhere. BUT! This is Deadpool. Deadpool allows for the fangirling to happen as I see fit. I see fit for it to happen right now. So, here it is. February 12, 2016. The D-Day for all fans of the Merc with a Mouth. We will all rejoice in his fandom. As it stands, this lovely thing has been shown to fans (Fox is smart… very very smart…). Psst, it’s down there:

Image via Comic Book Movie – Click it… Stuff happens

We’ve seen it. We know it’s going to happen. We’re all freaking out because we’re both excited and utterly terrified that they’re gonna yank this bad boy back into production hell. But, they might not. We have a date, we have stills, we have a rating:

Oh, and we have Ryan Reynolds. I probably should have mentioned that first. Anyway, we have all of these things! All of these lovely, lovely things! Now, if only Diamond would stop holding all of the trades hostage, that would be great…

I digress! The bottom line is that we’re excited. It seems that this thing is actually happening. I mean, the poor folks over in Vancouver might not be too too thrilled, but they’re nice enough to let us have our moment. Besides, Deadpool’s like a national hero or something… right? No? I don’t like you. Stop talking.

This is probably going to be the biggest movie of all time for me and people like me. Ryan says we aren’t gonna regret it, which is good and some part of me believes him. But, if Fox gives us another X-Men: The Last Stand or another Mouthless Merc, I’m going to be deeply embedded in the crowd of angry moviegoers … and our numbers will be in the millions… O_O

Yep. A bunch of ranting about nothing except a dude in black and red spandex with cancer and a healing factor.

Oh, and the second book is almost ready to be uploaded. I hope you folks enjoy it when it comes to life O_O!!

WARNING: This is a mind-post…

This is where I tell everyone that my brain is flipped upside down. I am having the writer’s dilemma. See, I finished school (finally). Grabbed another Masters – this one in Creative Writing (surprise) – and now I’m looking for the next thing that will make me oh so happy. You got it. I’m trying to find work in creative writing. That’s not content writing. That’s not blogging (ignore that if you’re reading this O_o;). That’s not sitting somewhere and writing copy. It’s make up stories and characters and put them on paper. That’s what I want. Problem: That isn’t available just quite yet. It’s due paying time.

While I want all of those things, here’s the reality of life: bills, rent, responsibilities, dogs and evil student loans. Yeah. I’ve got all of those coming down the pike. Most of them are here already. So, what is one little guppy in a pond full of other guppies and extremely large fish to do? By the way, most of these fish shouldn’t even truly be there. But, they are. All of them. Just swimming around with their giant fat mouths open and gaping at water; hoping someone will throw something in there. They won’t… But keep on gaping, giant fish.

So, what’s a fresh writer to do? Take the jobs. Yeah, they’re in content, copy, marketing, things most people would fall asleep over just thinking about. Why do you do that? Because they pay. If this little guppy can make a living on the freelance market, well that would be awesome, too – although, taxes are just pure evil when you have to do them yourself.

Then, if you’re bound to do all of that anyway, why gripe and complain about it? I mean, why even say you want to create stories and worlds that don’t exist in this reality? Because, I do. It’s pretty simple. So, competitions are to be entered, dear Henry. Several mind-numbing competitions. And workshops. And the internet, much like this internet here. And self-publishing. And query letters (so many query letters T_T). And other things that my feeble mind can’t think of right now.

In short, I’m gonna take all of those jobs. I’m gonna utilize my other degrees and common knowledge to write for someone else. Then, I’m going to come home and cry for a little while over a bottle or six of wine. After that delicious white flag surrender, I will write. I will write like the wind. And none of it will make sense. Then, I will come back. I will come back and I will edit. I will edit fast and angrily! (That comes out this weekend) The writer must then make all of the pennies. Every. Single. One. And put them into competitions, workshops, blah blah blah.

Good talk, Coach. I really needed that… Damn, posts without pictures are boring.

Thank you, SpongeBob

Disclaimer: I don’t own SpongeBob… or the internet… Thanks to the clever meme-creators who put this wonderful work together. Because, you all care so much about this disclaimer…