Back … Kind Of

Crazy, twisted, writer’s block with a mental break down or twelve. Oh well, shit happens. Now, we’re back and ready to write a few more things. Threw up a new story just for you guys to hold you over. Don’t worry. The biggest block is yet to come.

And here’s the boring kind of stuff right here:

The stuff on the site is for you folks to enjoy. Reference it, share the link, or what have you. But! If you want to use it for anything, email me or something and give credit. Seriously, it’s the nice thing to do – and the thing that won’t get you in a shitload of trouble with the scary powers that be – Really, they have horns and claws and writing utensils sticking out of their eye sockets. They also grab you with their tongues… So…. there’s that…

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

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