Over That Hump – Kinda…

So, I’ve been on something of a bender when it comes to fixing everything in my house. My books, my writing, my dogs, my tv, my lack of video game obsession, which has been brilliantly rectified … And now, I’m being forced to relearn HTML because the visual part of the doohickey just isn’t working so fine be that way.

Deadpool, he agrees. Deadpool Like a Boss Again. . .
I don’t own him. That’s Marvel and Fox’s job, as much as I’d like to and do in my tiny little world of strange happenings and lightning fights.


The best part about being in continuous motion is that nothing stops you. Until you run out of gas and you stop. Like stop. I mean dead. In your tracks. Stopped. And then you see this mound of ridiculousness that never caught up to you because you were moving. And, all of a sudden, it crashes down on top of you like a tidal wave of regret, despair and month old beef tacos. Then you wanna die, drown and vomit all at the same time… or die by drowning in vomit because … tacos.

Cable Taco with Extra Paranoia sauce
Thank you High Moon Studios for this.

Pretty much got through the tidal wave of awful taco nonsense and it’s back to putting pen to paper and making the dream a reality. Also, back to consuming copious amounts of alcohol and coffee to keep myself completely insane and wired at the same time. Always thought that was a myth… Huh, go figure. ANYWAY! should have some awesome new content for folks to read in the next week or so.

Disclaimer: I love tacos…. so… yeah… Tacos are amazing.

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