I really suck at this…

Been trying to get on here and actually keep things up to date. Been trying to get my stories together. Been trying to focus in hard on portfolios and keeping shit in one corner. What came out of it? A steaming pile of holy nothing.


Image via Thought Catalog

But! Let’s fast forward a couple more weeks and, oh look, new short script and a first draft to finish up books. Okay, deep breath. Pep talk. Lose my mind and take in some Innis and Gunn. Write until my fingers get stiff and I start typing gibberish, much like now, actually. So, anyway. Hold me to it. I think I might actually hunker down and get it done.

Damn, there’s a shitload of links in this post…

I don’t know what the hell to write about. I’ll fix that next time. Write something interesting. It might actually… wait for it… grab attention? GASP!  This is for all 3 to 6 of you who read this. Alright, I’m out.

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