Month: November 2016

Bright ideas…

Got roped into watching Gilmore Girls with my roommate and had a thought that most of you might abhor. As a writer there are a lot of potential issues I run into; I’d imagine a lot of writers and potential writers hit the same. First, grammar. So many different rules that have morphed since the years of learning. Taking a step back, you realize “I have no idea why this happened or what I’m doing.” Perfectly normal. 

Then you realize you have writer’s block. Not the writer’s block that makes you nuts because you can’t figure out what the hell to put on paper because your head is empty. That’s just too easy. Nope You have the writer’s block that insinuates you have too many ideas to put on paper, and then you try to put ALL of them down. Just as bad as not knowing what to write, right? Probably worse since it can lead to a downwars spiral of drunkenness and Netflix binges.

Top it off with the twisted, whacked out cream and cherry of soul-crushing doubt, and you’ve got it all wrapped up in a bottle of your favorite home brew while you rock back and forth under a Flintstones blanket, crying into your single malt and wearing a tutu as a hat. Now there’s an image.

I’m not a world famous author or journalist. Don’t have my spec scripts in any Hollywood or Vancouver hands. But most of us don’t. So while you’re pounding away at your scripts, articles, books, 50-shades of Blackberry smut, or whatever you can feel free to laugh or bitch at the wonderful ventings of a psychopathic, pyro writer’s spiral into self induced madness. K? 

…Yeah, I hate that “k” thing, too…

Today is not the day

So our country is choosing a new leader today… And that’s all I have to say about that.

In other more awesome news, Dr. Strange came out last weekend and has been deemed an eyegasm. Probably need to go get my retinas laid some time this week. I’m behind enough in the world of entertainment. I’m still trying to finish the 4th season of Game of Thrones. Hush, say nothing. 

And, for the scattered thought of the day, NaNoWriMo has made an entrance into our lives again. It’s 8 days in. So you should be pretty close to getting the first quarter done. (I am 2/3 into the last Balance of Sins book. It’s on the way, I promise.)

And that is Tuesday’s weird and scatterbrained update.