Ideas… Shut up… Seriously? Again?!

As of today, the chronicles start.

And you start trying to be edgy and weird, telling people what’s going on inside your head.

Yes, because that’s just what I do. At least I think it’s what I —

“At least I think it’s what I do” You seriously can’t figure out what the fuck it is you do?

Id, I swear to —

To who? You’re just ranting on a screen and no one wants to listen to that. There’s a reason you don’t work in the–

Dude! Chill! Lay off Ego! She finally gets an idea and you shit on it!

Some Super you are, using all that foul language and shit.

No one said I had to be verbally celibate. You, on the other hand, need to calm down, make us all drinks and stop harshing people’s shit for five seconds, you condescending shitstain.

Five seconds of shhhh… Please, can we just shhh for at least five seconds?

This would be funnier with cartoons. Like little drawings of shit.

We know what cartoons are, Id.

Shut your fucking mouth, Super.


What the hell did I EVER do to you, huh?

I don’t know, added a pretentious holier-than-thou attitude to just about everything you do?

At least I figure out other ways than “kill it” ‘Nah, don’t kill it.”

The fuck’s wrong with that?!

It’s unilateral!

See?! There you go with that pretentious vocabulary shit!


How is being educated pretentious? And what about the word “pretentious?” Isn’t that condescending? Or are you above the opinions of your own–


Thank you! …. Fuck, I forgot what I was doing….

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