Month: May 2017

Just a little bit…better?

So the move went swimmingly. Really. Minimal screaming fits, no holes in walls, didn’t knock anyone out, and only cussed out like 3 people in New York. I love my New Yorkers but you guys can’t drive for shit. Like not at all. 

That all being said, the candlemaker aspect of my person is unhappy. I have all the oils, now all I need is the wax and jars. That has to wait. Candlemaking doesn’t pay bills. I do it because I like fire. And I guess I like you guys too. So give me a second, and I’ll add the Shopify thingy. 

However, I have been writing. Granted it hasn’t been to finish the third book. But I have been writing to finish up a few other short stories. And I might have started another project or six. Don’t worry. My wonderful sis/roommate is making me do writer’s boot camp. My asshole brother has given me all the words of advice and … Fuck him for this but… He’s right. Gotta pick up and start again. Being stagnant after the big move is a problem. So whether they know it or not, they’re working in tandem. Because they’re alike in every way. Yep. I said that. 

Gonna regret it.

Well I’m off to awkwardly communicate with new people and write things about people in books. Might even get the chance to… You know… Slide a chapter into that third work.