Here We Go Again…

Listen — Summer sucks. Everything about the summer months just makes me want to cringe. The heat scrambles my brains and the guys and gals walking around up there get all fucked up and don’t remember how to tell stories and the only thing my pion brain is trying to rectify is a weird combination of heatstroke and being frozen from the AC units blasting at ungodly levels.

Yep. Those are excuses. So many excuses. Ignore the fact that FallOut has made its way back into my line of vision. I mean there isa bright side to that. At least I can put Avol and friends in a body and watch them run around. Not so much the same body, but a body that .— you get the picture… But! Come summer’s end, there will be books for sale. I’m not completely useless. So read the horrid first and second drafts now… I’ll leave them up because I like you and I’m a masochist – even after the hard and digital copies of the new ones come out.

One of those things was a lie – I don’t think I’m a huge fan of you, but I’m not sure yet so just keep doing stuff and we’ll find out later. I mean that really goes both ways – you might not like me much either. Just gotta wait and see… or something…

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