AH! Narcissism time!

I’m a candle maker. I like to write things that would be deemed otherwise “inappropriate to talk about in every day life”. So, I put them on paper. Then, I take that paper and put it on Word, or something like that. Then I put them on a website. Then people read them (or they don’t) and that’s pretty much that…. There’s really nothing else to say. Oh! Yes, there is. Deadpool is the shit. I like Deadpool. I love Deadpool. I’m glad he exists…. Okay, now that’s it…. Nope, I also like fire…. And setting things on fire. It’s like a never ending case study of what burns well and how fast it burns. Let’s do that. I’m gonna go burn tacos or something. That’d be awesome… Cool. Gonna go do that.

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