Here is where you will find all of the twisted things my tiny brain can come up with. Sometimes the voices talk, sometimes they don’t. It’s a game, and I have to listen. So, if there is a break in the writing, don’t get angry. Just give me a few days to work them into a frenzy and soon they won’t be able to shut up. Trust me. I’m a doctor — AUTHOR! Trust me, I’m an Author!

Okay, maybe you won’t find them here so much. But there’s this little tabby thing at the top that drops down kind of like a list thing. There, you’ll find them there. Usually… Unless my insanity has kicked in and decided to move them to an undisclosed location. Then you may never find them. Hell, I’ll probably never find them. So, let’s hope I never do that.

Disclaimer: Again, all the weird words on this site that are stringed together into weird sentences are copyrighted. The ebooks, while free for you to enjoy, are also copyrighted. Everything be copyrighted. Improper grammar was necessary for that to just be driven straight home. Enjoy.

Book One:

The Death of a Creative Soul

Book Two:

The Organ Donor

Book Three is coming…. at some point…. and yes… they are all related.