Shitty First Draft

Distractions Be Damned

Jumping back into editing the first book. Avol and I need to address a few things. The Doc and I have gone through it, but Avol and I have not. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t fucking terrified to see whatever the fuck is looming in Randall’s head.

After that, guess I’m gonna work on a few other books. Most started but none really beyond the 30 page mark. Now they need to grow into hideous monsters that eat my every waking second like Augustus guzzled chocolate.

The Process Is… Goddamn IT!

Book three was completed New Year’s Eve 2017. The Doctor spoke. Finally… Coincidentally, his speech was everything I needed to complete the Ultra Shitty First Draft. A draft you will never see. There are so many issues with that script– I mean book. I need to fix it, but the shit is on paper; so it’s a step in the right direction. Eventually, I’ll post a normal Shitty First Draft. One that has actual spelling an grammar. And yes, those are up for feedback – CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. None of this “You suck” shit. Trust me, if all you can give someone is “you suck” your opinion is far from valid and you should probably seek therapeutic assistance for whatever issues you’ve harbored all your life.  For those who have something worth a damn – I’d love to hear it. I might listen, I might not. But I want to know. (Yes, I’m going to bait you with that feedback when all of these hit final draft. You’re gonna have to buy those, though.)

I might just stroke your ego a little bit. Feed you some new synopsis and dig finger-joint deep into your wallet. Not too deep. I’m not Gaiman, Rowling or Newman. Not Huston, Bunn or King. So I ain’t gonna charge ya like I am. Just a little to cover the services and material – publishing services, not mine. For mine, I’ll just thank you like a normal nutter and move on. Might ask for an extra quarter for the scotch fund. Every cent helps fuel the madness. Except pennies. No one wants those little fuckers…

Side note: You all know who Gaiman, Rowling and King are… but they still have some damn good advice…